Nu Skin Enterprises, An Honest Online Business Review

Nu Skin Enterprises, An Honest Online Business Review. Nu Skin Enterprises Net Worth was 4.68 Billion U.S. dollars in 2018. Nu Skin Enterprises offers a Multi-Level Marketing opportunity with over 1.2 million Independent Brand Affiliates currently participating.

I will take an honest online business review to verify the money-making potential of the Nu Skin Enterprises Independent Brand Affiliate program.

Can anyone really make money with Nu Skin Enterprises Independent Brand Affiliate Program?


Nu Skin Enterprises is a direct sales and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company in the Skincare, Health, and Wellness space.

Nu Skin Enterprises has been around for a long time, since 1984 and was co-founded by Blake Roney, Steve Lund, Sandie Tillotson, and Nedra Roney.

Nu Skin Enterprises uses the MLM business model to promote and advertise its products. As a result, they offer a business opportunity and an opportunity for the average person to make money on and offline.n  


I will not be discussing the price of products offered by NuSkin but I will focus on the cost of the business opportunity. There is no upfront cost or minimum monthly order to become a NuSkin Independent Brand Affiliate. 

NuSkin offers an automatic delivery rewards (ADR) program, to receive rewards. The ADR program is a monthly subscription.  All the monthly ADR packages products range from $40 to $550 monthly.

These products can be for discounted personal use or can be sold for a profit.  AlsoNuSkin offers a very liberal 90-day return policy.


NuSkin offers more than 250 products in Beauty Devices, Personal Care, and Nutrition.

Some of the best-sellers are ageLOC Transformation Package, ageLOC True Face, ageLOC Power Mask, Nu Skin Facial Spa. Without a doubt NuSkin offers a wide variety of quality products but can you make money as a Nu Skin Affiliate?

WHO IS NU SKIN FOR?                                                

The NuSkin Independent Brand Affiliate is for anyone who would like to earn extra money. If you would like to earn money with NuSkin here are a few characteristics that would help you be successful along the way.

  • You should be very comfortable with the MLM business model.
  • You should be comfortable with recruiting, selling, and or both. This business can be done in person or online.
  • You must be comfortable learning and becoming proficient with a complicated compensation plan.
  • You must like and become intimately familiar with at least a  few of the products offered.

If you are comfortable with two or more of those statements NuSkin may be right for you.


There is nothing new here. Just like all MLM companies the Independent Brand Affiliate makes money by recruiting people and selling products. Simple right? LOL.

Next, The Independent Brand Affiliate will have to decipher the compensation plan and devise a money-making game plan.

I am not a fan of spending weeks learning MLM’s company’s complicated compensation plan but did not find anything alarming about NuSkin’s plan.    

Just like most businesses, there are Pros and Cons to doing business with Nu Skin as an Independent Brand Affiliate. Here are a few I believe are important to be aware of.


  • NuSkin has been around for over 30 years.
  • High-quality products.
  • 25% commission structure.
  • Slick No-Nonsense Website and Back Office.


  • Products are overhyped by affiliates.
  • Products are expensive compared to some competitors.
  • Oversaturated market.
  • More than average Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaints and payouts.
  • 99% of MLM recruits lose money according to the FTC. 


Products can obviously be purchased through the Nu Skin website. I love the no-nonsense design of the website.  It does a great job of grouping the many products offered and the information provided about each and every product is superb.

Products can also be purchased directly from any Nu Skin distributor. This can be time-consuming in most cases. This can be a great way to develop trust, earn income, and recruit referrals.


NuSkin could be a great business opportunity if it were not operating in the MLM space. They have a large variety of good products.

The prices seem to be a little high and I hoped it leads to higher commissions for the affiliates. I found the fact it’s free to become a member refreshing.  That makes me wonder if Nu Skin is looking to ditch it’s MLM roots.  

They have a GREAT minimalist website with powerful back-office tools and training. They could easily transform into offering affiliate commissions to shed the MLM stigma and overhead. 

I don’t study MLM compensation plans because I refuse to spend that much time working for free. LOL. If I begin to earn enough money with an MLM company I become incentivized to learn the compensation plan.

No one enjoys bugging friends and family members trying to recruit them or sell their products. I prefer Affiliate Marketing as a business model.

You choose the niche,  products, and services you would like to offer (there are millions of niches). There are no products or services to buy and no bugging friends and family (unless you want to), LOL.

Nu Skin would be a good money maker if they switched to the MLM business model. Until then I can not recommend ANYONE join the Independent Affiliate Program as a way to help build the Freedom Lifestyle ;-(

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